Dale J. Buchberger, PT, DC, CSCS, DACBSP® , ART®
Author of The Buchberger-12® and THE SHOULDER MADE SIMPLE®

Guide to Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Injuries

Rotator Cuff Injuries
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Looking for Information on Shoulder Injuries, Rehabilitative Exercises,
Strengthening Exercises and Cutting Edge Treatment of the Rotator Cuff?

Dr. Buchberger was named the "Sports Chiropractor of the Year" for 2009 by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians!

The Buchberger-12®

Rotator Cuff and Scapular
Strengthening Program

The Buchberger-12® is a series of twelve exercises designed to strengthen the rotator cuff and scapular (shoulder blade) stabilizing muscles of the shoulder.  These exercises prepare and protect the shoulder girdle for the extreme stresses of overhand sports (baseball, softball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, water polo, etc.)

The program provides a series of progressive challenges to the shoulder muscles without over training. There are twelve exercises performed over two days. Six exercises on the first day and a different six exercises on the second day. The cycle is then repeated. Dividing the program into a two-day cycle maintains the challenge while making the program manageable for almost everyone. Because of the change in challenge day to day recovery is built into the program.

The Buchberger-12® Clinical Version 2009 includes several changes and additions for the health care provider and the patient.  Progressions have been added to help guide patients and providers alike in achieving correct performance of the Buchberger-12®.  Clinical notations regarding when to use or discontinue an exercise have been included.  Lastly, Dr. Buchberger's shoulder instability rehabilitation protocol has been added as a bonus.

Sold in all 50 States and 19 Countries!

"The Buchberger-12® program was an integral part of my return to pitching in the Major Leagues following Tommy John surgery to my throwing elbow. The Buchberger-12® corrects many of the weaknesses that can lead to shoulder impingement following Tommy John surgery. I am now using the Buchberger-12® as part of my arm maintenance and conditioning program. It has allowed me to throw more innings with higher velocities in the late innings and it has improved my recovery between outings so I can be ready for my team when they need me. If you want to reduce your chance of injury, recover faster and throw your top velocity late in the game, then I would recommend that you get the Buchberger-12® rotator cuff and scapular strengthening program!"
Jason Stanford, Major League Pitcher

"Your Buchberger-12® book is awesome! I have had great success with my shoulder patients thanks to your information & concepts. I was also a football player in the Canadian  Football League (CFL) for several years before I was a chiropractor, and I wish I had the Buchberger-12® back then. I had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder several years ago and have used your instruction to get back strength and mobility in my shoulder (over the past year) that I thought was gone forever!"
Stanley N. Bacso, DC, FACO, FCCO Chiropractic Orthopaedic Specialist

"In throwing athletes, it is important to be able to strengthen the shoulder musculature in a safe and effective manner. As a strength and conditioning specialist, I use The Buchberger-12® as a safe, functional alternative to contraindicated exercises that increase the risk of injury to the shoulder girdle. I use the Buchberger-12® on my pitchers and position players for injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes."
Chris Joyner CSCS, Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

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